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The Toni’cils Serum is a care treatment to encourage eyelash and eyebrows growth.
Get rapid thickness, volume, and length thanks to its formula which slows eyelash loss and
stimulates hair growth.
Results within 15 days*:
● Thickness + 40 %
● Volume + 136%
● Length + 43%
*Results are based on clinical tests: the conducted study was on naked lashes on a panel of 30
women for 30 days applying 3 coats every evening on clean eyelashes.
Tested under dermatological control
Contains 11 ML
Video link: https://youtu.be/tR-Xhg64Gcs
Apply 3 coats in the evening on clean eyelashes and leave overnight for effective results.
Use it for 1 month.
To be used in the evening for 30 days.
Step 1: remove makeup from your eyes with a gentle makeup remover.
Step 2: Apply 3 layers of Toni’cils SERUM from the base of the lashes up to the top.
Leave on the eyelashes overnight.
The lashes appear longer after 15 days.
The purple side of the brush is designed to apply the product on eyebrows.
Panthenol: slows down eyelashes loss and improves their growth.Matrix peptide: stimulates
eyelashes growth and strengthens the root of the eyelashes.
Description Growth Serum
The Toni’cils Pro Expert 2-in1 Serum provides volume and length while encouraging lashes to
2 Use for an optimum result
● In the morning, it is a mascara base for an immediate volumizing and lengthening effect.
● In the evening, as a night treatment, 3 thick layers from the roots of the lashes to the tips
for 8 weeks.
Ideal for fine and sparse lashes. Toni’cils serum acts on the length +43%, thickness +40%, and
volume +136%, even without makeup!*
*Results based on clinical tests, tested on 30 women for 30 days.
A hypoallergenic serum containing 2 main active ingredients:
● a matrix peptide that stimulates the tissues of the hair bulb to strengthen the lash roots
● panthenol, which slows down lash loss and improves regrowth.
Clinically proven

  • Instrumental tests: in comparison with bare lashes tested on 20 women from the 1st
    application. ** Results based on clinical tests: in comparison with bare lashes tested on 17
    women for 8 weeks, applying twice a day (morning and evening) to lashes with no make-up. ***
    Results based on clinical tests: in comparison with bare lashes tested on 30 women for 30 days,
    applying 3 layers in the evening to lashes with no make-up.
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